Alcalá 120 • Procam

Construction of 254 homes in Valladolid for Alcalá 120 – Procam]

The project developed the “La Cumbre” Specific Planning Area (APE), included in the General Urban Development Plan of Valladolid.

The Special Plan for Interior Renovation (PERI) ordered by this APE included a total of eighteen building sites, predominantly for residential use. Sixteen of them, where the development is located, included a total of 225 single-family homes of different types, which were executed in 4 different construction phases.

The rest of the developed estates provided space for the urban development corresponding to the city council, which developed 29 public housing blocks as well as sports and social facilities.

The main scope of activity developed by the Actio team are:

  • Project Monitoring
Project details

Services: Project Monitoring

Client: Alcalá 120

Surface: 183.000  m2

Design:  Francisco Omedo (f1), Juan Carlos Urdiain (F2 y 3), Paredes y Ribas Arquitectos (F5)