070-Global Student Accommodation

Construction of the Campus Sud student residence with 500 rooms for GSA, Barcelona ]

The project involves the construction of a student residence with 515 places, distributed across 483 individual rooms, 12 adapted rooms and 10 apartments, two of which are adapted.

It will also have a UB study room, an archive space for the University and a cafeteria-restaurant, in addition to the amenities implicit in a building of this nature, as well as a gymnasium, games room, laundry, etc. Parking for cars, motorcycles and bicycles will be located below ground.

The construction company, VOPI4, will execute the works until the handover to TSHCE Campus UB, through what is known as Development Management.

The site was made available on 29 December 2014 through a public concession of the site from the University of Barcelona.

A project by Espinet-Ubach Arquitectes i Associats has been drawn up for the withdrawal of the currently existing services, specifically natural gas, sewerage, telecommunications, both the UB’s own services and the general network, as well as the new connections required for the new building.

The main scope of activity developed by the Actio team are:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Auditing
  • Tendering
  • Construction Management
  • Urban Management
Project details

Services: Project Management

Client:  Global Student Accommodation

Surface: 19.600 m2

Design: BCA Arquitectura