154-Procam – Riofisa

Construction of Natea business park for Procam in Alcobendas  ]

The project consists of the construction of the new business park, located in front of La Moraleja. The total floor area is slightly over 30,000 m2, of which almost 17,000 m2 are offices, with more than 600 parking spaces. The complex is completed with an urbanisation of more than 35,000 m2 that includes wooded areas, gardens and paths.

The park stands out for its avant-garde design, and consists of five three-storey buildings connected by large landscaped courtyards, which provide perspective and natural light to all the rooms. For the facade cladding, combinations of materials such as prodema, green phyllite and corten steel were used alongside the curtain walls.

The buildings of the Arbea Business Campus share a service area and independent access. There is a complete interrelationship between the offices, while always maintaining their individuality.

The main scope of activity developed by the Actio team are:

  • Project Monitoring
Project details

Services: Project  Monitoring

Client: Procam –  Riofisa

Surface: 218.500,00m2

Design: Federico Sotomayor Jáuregui